Dining at Your Doorstep: Explore Nearby Eateries

Par Five Shacks is conveniently located adjacent to The Tavern and just a short walk from the new Earth Restaurant. The Tavern offers a perfect setting for a delightful meal with family or friends, featuring modern décor, stunning golf course views, and a mouthwatering menu. Whether you’re looking for a casual gathering in our spacious lounge or a full dining experience, they’ve got you covered.

Earth Restaurant provides an innovative local dining experience, highlighting the best of Riverland produce, and it’s just a short stroll away. For waterfront dining and a diverse menu, we also recommend a visit to the nearby riverfront Berri Hotel.

Discover a Delightful Breakfast at Earth Restaurant

At Earth Restaurant, breakfast is a journey through a delightful array of flavors. Nestled just a short stroll from Par Five Shacks, this is more than a meal—it’s an experience to savor. Here’s a glimpse into some of the morning delights awaiting you:

Riverland Granola – A Symphony of Flavor and Health

Imagine a bowl filled with a nourishing blend of local nuts, dried fruit, honey, lemon myrtle, seasonal fruits, and a dollop of creamy yogurt. It’s more than granola; it’s a harmonious medley of taste and nutrition to kickstart your day.

Fruits of the Riverland Sourdough – Classic, with a Local Twist

Indulge in the simple yet timeless pleasure of toasted sourdough, accompanied by locally sourced jams and delicately whipped butter. It’s a delightful bite of tradition with a local touch.

Big Brekky – A Hearty Feast for a Power-Packed Morning

For those mornings when you need a hearty meal, their Big Brekky is the answer. Picture free-range eggs cooked just the way you like them, partnered with thyme-infused mushrooms, crispy hash browns, local sausage, sizzling bacon, roasted tomato, and a slice of freshly baked sourdough. It’s a symphony of flavors and textures to fuel your day.

Bush Tomato Crumpets – A Unique Flavor Adventure

Take your taste buds on a journey with their Bush Tomato Crumpets. Experience the tantalizing blend of charcoal avocado, crushed tomato, savory haloumi, zaatar spice, and a zesty lime twist, all on perfectly toasted crumpets. It’s a flavor adventure like no other.

These are just a few tantalizing options from the Earth Restaurant breakfast menu. For more delightful choices, explore their complete menu here.

At Earth Restaurant, breakfast isn’t just about food; it’s about creating memorable mornings. Come, join them, and experience the joy of a breakfast that sets the tone for a fantastic day ahead. Earth Restaurant: where each bite is an invitation to a delightful day.

Welcome to The Tavern

Step into The Tavern, where a comfortable setting with golf course views awaits. Our friendly staff is ready to serve a wide array of options from our full bar – whether it’s a well-crafted cocktail, a refreshing drink, or a comforting coffee. It’s the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a day of adventure or work. Join us at The Tavern and let your palate explore a world of flavors. A fantastic dining experience is just steps away!


Check out our menu: The Tavern Menu

At The Tavern, conveniently located just a brief walk from your accommodation, the thoughtfully crafted menu promises a tempting array of options. Indulge in the succulent Lemon & Thyme Chicken Breast, the savory Crispy Skin Atlantic Salmon, or the delightful Crumbed Prawns. Classic favorites like the Fish n Chips are also available. Ordering is a breeze – simply scan the QR code at your table or place your order at the counter for a hassle-free dining experience.


The Tavern, located at the Big River Golf & Country Club